Luke Marsden: Curriculum Vitae

Central London
[email protected]

About me

  • Passionate technology leader. Experienced in CEO, CTO, tech lead, product and engineering roles.
  • Proven ability to conceive and execute a product vision from strategy to implementation, while iterating on product-market fit.
  • Deep understanding of infrastructure software and systems programming, containers, microservices, storage, networking, distributed systems, devops and CI/CD workflows.


  • Building companies, and recruiting teams; raising capital, pitching ideas, shaping open source development, and public speaking.
  • Product management, customer development, prototyping, building, documenting and promoting software products.
  • Software development, including use of Python, Twisted, Go, SQL, HTML/CSS/JS, Linux, ZFS, Docker, Git, and Vim.


  • June 2016 — present: Head of Developer Experience at Weaveworks.
    Optimizing the number of happy users. Developing experimental software, working on content and user journeys, as well as speaking at meetups and conferences.

  • Aug 2014 — May 2016: CTO at ClusterHQ.
    Recruited Silicon Valley CEO. Helped define, build and promote Flocker, an open source container data volume manager. Led cross-company development of Docker Plugins via the Powerstrip project, working closely with Docker Engine core team, Docker’s CTO and other industry peers to develop and launch the standard. Launched Flocker 1.0 as first official Docker Volume Plugin at DockerCon in June 2015. Recruited key product and engineering leaders in San Francisco. Developed product strategy, including building and launching new products dvol and Volume Hub.

  • Mar 2008 — Aug 2014: Founding CEO at ClusterHQ, was HybridCluster.
    Built company and product from scratch with co-founders. Developed distributed container management platform, licensed it to 20+ customers, deployed it and maintained it in production worldwide. Built engineering, sales, support and marketing teams. Pivoted to Docker space in 2014 and closed $12m Series A.

  • Sept 2010 — Nov 2010: Infrastructure Engineer at TweetDeck Inc.
    Developed TweetDeck’s API server infrastructure which was deployed on AWS.

  • Sept 2009 — Sept 2010: Programmer at Simpleweb.
    Developed frontend and backend applications for corporate and government clients, ran hosting platform.

  • Aug 2004 — Sept 2009: Programmer at The Property Jungle.
    Developed real estate platform which ran in production for hundreds of UK estate agents to manage property portfolio.

  • July 2001 — Dec 2011: Co-founder, Digital Crocus.
    Started web hosting company prior to attending university. Built hosting platform from scratch in C and PHP.


  • First class degree in Computer Science from Oxford University.